Reheating Instructions for Easter & Passover

Refrigerate everything over night

It's best to remove items from refrigeration at least 30 minutes before re-heating.


 Simmer on low for 10 minutes, stirring frequently

Sides & Veggies

Green Beans , wild rice & Asparagus, Tzimmes

Reheat: add 1-2 oz of water per pound and cook covered over

medium heat on the stovetop 2-4 minutes, (rice a little longer 6-8)

(this will change the color of the green beans  & snap peas & asparagus

 or Microwave for 2-3 minutes (this will keep the color)

(Rst. Carrots and Potatoes can be warmed in the oven, 325 for 10 mins)

All these items can be eaten at room temp and not heated at all.



In the oven for 20 minutes covered then 5-10 uncovered n the oven

Roasted Potatoes– uncovered for 15 min.


 (add a little milk, or vegegie stock or water when re-heating)

Microwave 5 min. stirring, oven covered 15-20 min., stove top stirring

constantly till warm


Mains  350 oven

Brisket: covered  20 min. more for larger pieces

Ham: covered 30-40 or room temp

Chicken: covered 15-20 min.

Lamb Shanks: covered 20-25 minutes

Fritatta: coverd 15 min.

Increase cooking time for larger quantities.

These items can also go in the microwave in microwave safe pan.

Everyone’s oven is different so please check frequently on warmth

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