Reaheating Instructions for Thanksgiving Sides

Refrigerate everything over night. It's best to remove items from refrigeration at least 30-40 minutes before re-heating.

  Soup & Gravy

 Simmer on low for 10-15  minutes, stirring frequently.
Hot gravy will warm up your sliced turkey. You can also add  your turkey drippings for a thinner gravy.

Sides & Veggies

Green Beans w/ Orange Zest,  Quinoa Pilaf
Reheat: add 1-2 oz of water per pound and cook covered over medium heat on the stovetop 2-4 minutes,(this will change the color of the green beans )or Microwave for 2-3 minutes (this will keep the color)

Brussel Sprouts & Roasted Cauliflower
In the oven for 10-15 minutes uncovered in a hot oven

Mac & Cheese & Spinach full trays 40-50min.
(covered for 35 minutes and uncover for last 10)

Mashed Potatoes (add a little milk when re-heating), Sweet Potatoes,Tuscan Bread & Sausage Stuffing or Corn Bread Stuffing
In the oven@ 350ºF for 25-35 minutes covered. 

Increase cooking time for larger quantities.

These items can also go in the microwave in microwave safe pan.

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