Lucy’s Kitchen and Market prioritizes using the freshest ingredients. It matters to us that the food we offer is high-quality, and often local. Zone 7, a business specializing in freshness and locality, provides us with farmed products ranging from produce to eggs. The benefits to eggs from Nature’s Own Farm (in place of commercial eggs) are endless. Chickens raised free-range on farms are healthier than those who lay factory eggs, which naturally makes their eggs more wholesome. Free of restrictive cages, farm chickens have the opportunity to spend time outdoors with ample space and sunlight, supplying them with Vitamin D and other nutrients that factory chickens lack. Chickens on Nature’s Own Farm are not given antibiotics or growth hormones. Visually, yolks from farm-raised chickens have a more vibrantly orange color, whereas factory ones are pale yellow and less sturdy. Plus, the coop to carton to plate time for farm eggsis dramatically less than commercial eggs. Check out our Facebook page for a video of Nature’s Own cleaning their eggs!

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