Here at Lucy’s, we’re welcoming the new year with a variety of authentic Italian tomato products. Rooted in southern Italy, La Valle has been successfully growing, harvesting, and selling San Marzano tomatoes for over 60 years. La Valle’s tomato cans are available in three different sizes here at Lucy’s, perfect for any quantity of sauce or soup. Our house-made tomato sauces at Lucy’s Kitchen are made consistently with La Valle tomatoes. We find that the flavorful, high-caliber taste of La Valle’s tomato products pairs excellently with the fresh pasta made right here in Lucy’s Kitchen. Because of this ideal combination, every Sunday we offer a free pound of house-made fresh cut pasta for any container of Lucy’s tomato sauce purchased. How often is a bargain also delicious?!

    We recommend using La Valle tomato products to make tomato sauce or minestrone soup. Here is a reliably spectacular recipe for the soup:


Minestrone Soup

Ingredients                                                                     Preparation Instructions

¼ cup olive oil                                                      1. Sauté the onions and garlic in olive oil.

5 onions                                                                2. Add the remaining vegetables, spices,

3 tbsp minced garlic                                                  tomatoes and parm rind.

3 cans puréed plum tomatoes                                3. Leave the pesto, pasta and beans for

6 carrots                                                                    the end.

2 bunches celery                                                    4. Heat for 1 hour until everything is

6 large potatoes, peeled and diced                             cooked.

6 zucchini, diced                                                   5. Add the remaining ingredients. Cook

3 red peppers, diced                                                  the pasta separately.

2 cans cannellini beans                                          6. Correct seasoning.

2 cups chickpeas                                                    7. Remove rind and bay leaves.

½ green cabbage, shredded

1 lb small pasta

½ cup basil pesto to finish (secret ingredient)

Bay leaves

Salt & Pepper

Parm rind

Fresh parsley

2 tbsp thyme

2 tbsp basil

2 tbsp oregano

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